"All your life, you will be faced with a choice. You can choose love or hate…I choose love."
~ Johnny Cash

David Bowie, London, 1972

© Barrie Wentzell

Limited Edition Photograph 

"It was a rather overcast day in London and Mick Watt’s and I went over to interview David at his manager Tony DeFries’ rather small and grubby office in Regent Street. As we entered, David was sitting very pretty in this amazingly bright outfit, lazily smoking a cigarette and reading a book. “Hello, come in”, he said smiling and after we got over the shock of the new Bowie look Mick and I sat down and had a cup of tea and a chat about what he was up too with this ‘new look’. During the chat/interview David announced he was gay and always had been much to the shock of our Mick Watts who though a bit stunned, continued the interview with a quizzical expression of disbelief, while I took pictures and tried not to laugh. True, there were many gay folks in the ‘biz’ but none of them would admit it to the press. I thought David was ‘pulling our leg’ and it was just part of his new act with Ziggy. This photo was used on the front page of the Melody Maker for the next week’s issue, reversed so David is looking the other way, it caused a lot of talk and as David told me later, the publicity had made him, or rather Ziggy, a star." - Barrie Wentzell

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