"All your life, you will be faced with a choice. You can choose love or hate…I choose love."
~ Johnny Cash

Byron Swell

It was pouring rain at 5am when I arrived in Broken Head to shoot a large swell that had just arrived on Australia's East coast. I tend to capture surf at dawn and dusk for the beautiful light that happens only around sunrise and sunset. However this time, storm clouds had taken over and the feeling was dark and ominous. The waves were still beautiful despite the rain and there were a few brave souls already in the water. I had no choice but to set out and see what might happen. From my vantage up on the hillside, I could see sets coming from far out on the horizon. I love the moments in between, when everyone is waiting and watching. It is much like what I do when I'm behind the camera, sitting, watching and waiting for a moment to compel me to press the shutter. It feels as though time stands still and everything gets very quiet. This image is about just that - the quiet waiting game, when you are bobbing in the water, watching waves rise from the horizon, wondering which one to go for.

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